Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines set forth the code of conduct by which all Game Used Authority users must abide.

Community Guidelines

- Updated March 3, 2022

Thank you for your interest in Game Used Authority, and Game Used collecting generally. Before enjoying our website, however, please read and make sure you understand and abide by the following code of conduct (the “Community Guidelines”). Agreeing to abide by the Community Guidelines is a condition of accessing the Game Used Authority Web Platforms (as defined in our Terms and Conditions) and compliance will improve the experience for all of us.

Please remember that if you violate these guidelines, and certainly if you violate them repeatedly, Game Used Authority may suspend or terminate your account. We do not want to do this – or spend our time “policing” member behavior – so please be a good community member.

1. Only upload pictures of Game Used collectibles & associated certificates and documents

The focus of the website is Game Used collecting. Although we would generally love to see your cat, your car, and lots of other things unrelated to Game Used collecting, please do not post pictures of them here. Do your best to take good pictures of your collection items and keep the focus on the hobby.

If your picture(s) violate these guidelines it / they will be removed. Game Used Authority has final say, and complete discretion, over whether pictures or information are appropriate and whether they should be removed from the Game Used Web Platforms.

2. Only upload picture(s) of items you own to your Member Collection

It is fine to share other pictures in discussions or chat rooms (so long as you have the right to share such items). But please only include items you own in your Member Collection.

3. Do not post inappropriate content

The Game Used Web Platforms are meant to be welcoming to all users. Do not post any content that is:

  • Illegal
  • Pornographic, mature in content, or overly sexual
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive
  • Graphic, grotesque, or obscene
  • Inflammatory (e.g., calling other users names, stirring up controversy, or otherwise improperly provoking or upsetting other users).

If content you upload violates these guidelines it will be removed. Game Used Authority has final say, and complete discretion, over whether content is appropriate and whether it should be removed from the Game Used Web Platforms.

If you notice another user posting inappropriate content, report it to us immediately by contacting us (we have included many buttons on the site for reporting issues and providing feedback).

4. Member Collection Information

Please only input appropriate information in item profiles. For example:

  • Player Names: while you have the option of inputting custom player names, only a player’s actual name should be input (e.g., first name “Lebron”; not first name “Lebron the GOAT”).
  • Do not include email addresses or URLs in item descriptions.

There is no way to cover everything you should not do here. Please just use common sense. We will know it when we see it, and remember that Game Used Authority has final say, and complete discretion, over whether pictures or information are appropriate and whether they should be removed from the Game Used Web Platforms.

5. Do not spam other users

Game Used Authority provides members with many features that allow them to interact with one-another, including via messages. Please don’t use these tools to spam or send unsolicited messages to other members. If you’re caught spamming other Game Used Authority members – which is likely because it can easily be reported – your account may be suspended or terminated.

What constitutes spam?

  • Sending many unsolicited messages, and / or unsolicited messages for personal gain
  • Sending a user messages after they have asked you not to do so
  • Promoting your own items in comment threads regarding other members’ items
  • Asking for likes and/or follows
  • Leaving many comments that are short on substance to draw attention to your account
  • Misusing site features and functionality in a way that isn’t in line with their core purpose for personal benefit

The foregoing is not an exhaustive list, and Game Used Authority has complete discretion to determine whether we deem something to be spam. If you see a user spamming others, report it by contacting us.

6. Be constructive, thoughtful, and kind

When commenting on Member Collection items, or discussing Game Used issues in chat rooms, comment threads, messages, or elsewhere, please be constructive, thoughtful, and kind. All of us are here to have a good time and to interact with others who share the same interests.

We know it is often easier to say something online that you would not say in person. So be doubly cautious about following the “golden rule”: treat other Game Used Authority members and users as you would want them to treat you.

Please enjoy Game Used Authority responsibly!