Repair & Restoration OF Game Used Items


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J.T. Sports -- PSA Authentication & Grading (Repair & Restoration of Baseball Bats)

JT Sports offers collectors of game used bats a restoration service enabling them to
restore damaged bats to their original game used condition. Our restoration
specialist has been in the woodworking business for over 30 years, specializing in
museum quality restorations of antique furniture and other wooden antiquities. For
the past 10 years, due to the overwhelming demand for his work, he has focused his
efforts solely, on vintage and modern day game used bats. From simple handle
cracks to disfiguring water and termite damage, a repair or restoration will restore
the character and structural integrity to you game used bat. Importantly, our work
will not impact the integrity of the bats authenticity.

The Dream Shop (Repair & Restoration of MLB Jerseys)

The Dream Shop focuses nearly exclusively on MLB jerseys and is uniquely qualified to restore or customize them. With an in-house collection of over 1000 team-issued jerseys and close to one million photos of game-worn jerseys in its library, the Dream Shop has recreated nearly every team pattern so that, when finished, your jersey will look exactly as your team wore it on the field.

Bill Henderson -- the owner and operator -- is first and foremost a historian. He authored the unabridged research volume “The Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys”, the standard reference guide of the industry, and has an intimate knowledge of all jerseys worn by all MLB teams over the past many decades.

Bill is also a trained and skilled graphic artist and has personally and painstakingly recreated nearly all the fonts used by every team for both player names and numbers back to at least 1970. While fonts used by one team are often “close” to those used by another, nearly every team has its own minute variations. The Dream Shop can re-create the proper colors and sizes of this lettering, as well as the exact width of outlines, using the proper fabrics and materials. Bill knows when nameplates are supposed to be used and when they are not, and in what arc the name should be correctly sewn. If you want your finished jersey to look exactly as it would have been worn on the field when new, The Dream Shop is your best choice.

Bill has the proper skills, equipment and chemicals and tools for restoring game worn jerseys, to cut lettering cleanly and exactly, to clean adhesive from removed lettering, and to remove many stains. Bill uses a light table to determine exactly where original lettering was sewn so that he can craft and sew the recreated lettering exactly in the right places.

He is also skilled at recreating damaged or missing team scripts or wordmarks on the front of jerseys. Whether these have been removed when sent to the minor leagues or faded and damaged so they do not present well, he is capable of making absolutely correct replacements.

You will always receive a computer-generated proof of how your jersey will look when done, for your approval, before anything is sewn. This is a unique service that, in Bill’s opinion is common sense. His goal is to do it right the very first time: no rework, and no shipping jerseys back and forth to fix mistakes that should not have been made in the first place. He strives to make all his clients happy the first time.

Bill oversees all this work himself, from design through sewing and shipping. The Dream Shop is not a mass-production shop. They don’t do team orders and don’t accept work they can’t do efficiently and correctly. Their prices are reasonable and capacity is limited – and will let you know what the turnaround time will be when your order is received, and then will communicate with you throughout the process. The business is insured against theft and fire, all shipping is “insured” when sent back to you.